Starvation Is NOT Healthy. Stop counting calories & go #SANE w/me at

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the success I’ve had following this program.

I’ve been overweight ever since I was a little kid. Part of that was due to my genes, part of it was due to McDonald’s. In high school, I was overweight even though I was involved in multiple sports such as football and wrestling. After I graduated, I played fewer sports, but kept eating like a teenager, which resulted in some major weight gain. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I got up to 310 pounds. I became less active and I ate more. I finally saw a picture of myself and realized how big I had gotten and knew that I had to do something.

Following conventional wisdom, I started eating less, and working out more, and it worked. I finally started losing weight. I eventually got down to about 220 pounds. It was extremely hard to lose that weight, and even harder to maintain. Gradually, the weight came back since I couldn’t maintain the same amount of exercise and keep up with the “proper” diet and calorie deficit. I went back up to 250 pounds and was struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Shortly before my 36th birthday this past February, I listened to a podcast titled The Smarter Science of Slim. I was immediately hooked. Everything made sense, even though I had been told the opposite information by friends, doctors, and “experts” my entire life. I began leading a SANE lifestyle and realized how easy it was to lose weight/fat and then maintain that success. At first, it seemed counterintuitive because I was eating more than ever. I was eating huge omelets for breakfast, large portions of protein and piles of veggies for lunch, and grilling steaks and fresh veggies for dinner. When I’m at work and need something sweet, I add protein powder and some mixed nuts to water, mix it up and enjoy a healthy snack. Getting healthy never tasted so good! I began using eccentric exercises along with intense interval training.

Following the plan has been foolproof and can easily be managed and maintained even when dealing with a busy personal and professional life. In the past few months, I’ve suffered a severe shoulder injury which will require surgery and my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. These events would have caused the old me to stress-eat and quickly put the weight back on. However, not only have I maintained my weight, I have continued to lose weight and body fat. I now weigh 190 pounds (my new set-point) and I’m in the best shape of my life.

One of the best things about this lifestyle, is that the more you follow the plan, the easier it is. Making healthy choices becomes easier, because you WANT to make that choice, not because you need to. Cravings go away. Laziness goes away. Those things are replaced with a desire to take on new challenges, whether it’s a physical challenge (I’ve been running 5-K’s) or learn how to cook new, healthy dishes (the crock pot has become my best friend). It’s been amazing seeing my progression, not only in physical appearance, but athletic abilities, confidence, and overall attitude. I have used the knowledge and resources you have provided to improve my physical, mental, and emotional health. I am looking forward to continuing the SANE lifestyle and reaching every goal that I set in the future.