About Us

SANE is rooted in the proven modern science (referencesbibliography) that fat gain and diabetes are NOT caused by character flaws. They are caused by processed low-quality foods breaking your brain, hormones, and gut. We believe that the most affordable, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to fat loss and health is eating so much SANE whole food, that you are too full for low-quality obesity- and diabetes-causing processed packaged food. We provide online tools, resources, coaching, and support, to help you eat more—smarter—as easily as possible. In sum: Eat so much SANE whole food, so that it’s easy to avoid eating things that make you fat and sick. We are here to help.

How Did We Get Started?

SANE Originated as a not-for-profit research project to explain why some people eat 6,000 calories per day and stay slim while others eat 1,200 calories per day and struggle with their weight. After a 10+ year analysis of more than 1,300 studies, a SANE video went viral. That led to a NYTimes bestselling book, endorsements from to MDs at Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Johns’ Hopkins, etc., and then SANE Solution.

What Do We Provide Our Clients?

Whether it’s coaching, meal plans, instant answers, eLearning, exercise videos, recipes, New York Times bestselling books, fun apps, patented technology, radio shows, or Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic doctor endorsed science, enjoy everything you need to eat more, burn more, and smile more, by Going SANE!

Who Are We?

SANE is lead by founder Jonathan Bailor, and is home to coaches, developers, designers, researchers, and counselors in 11 different time zones.

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By SANE CEO Jonathan Bailor

The SANE Bestselling Book

By SANE CEO Jonathan Bailor

SANE Is Supported By Top Doctors from The Harvard Medical School, Johns’ Hopkins, UCLA, and Many More.

Here’s Some of our West Coast Team Having Fun in the Sun 🙂

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