What is The 21 Day Challenge and Why is it the Best Way to Get and Stay Healthy?

To help you achieve a SANE life and the transformative results of a lower setpoint, this 21 day challenge and plan gives you the most potent and powerful week-by-week packaging of SANE nutrition, activity,, lifestyle habits, and psychology ever created. You will get access to every single tool necessary to get you to your lower setpoint as safely as possible.

What is The Challenge Like?

The plan is set up in a 3-week format, with a sample day representing each week. That sample day gives you an easy-to-follow, nearly hour-by-hour SANE routine that can be adapted to your schedule and tastes and replicated accordingly over 7 days. A positive, consistent routine you stick to—waking up at the same time, eating your meals at the same time, and doing other activities at the same time—sets you up for success. Remember the power of habits. When you do the same healthy actions every day, living SANEly becomes second nature.

Day by day, you’ll progress toward a lower setpoint with SANE eating guidelines—without counting calories or obsessing over every little morsel that passes through your lips. You’ll do SANE physical activities that will help to shape the way your body works and looks. Far from starving, you will be strong…in every sense of the word. And every day, you will work on your attitude and mind-set so that you’ll start feeling great about yourself and optimistic about what you’re accomplishing.

Over the next 3 weeks, this plan will reprogram your body to reach new heights of health and wellness. If you follow this plan, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done in the past—you will begin to look and feel your best. Every element of this plan was specifically engineered to heal your body and dramatically increase your everyday health.

Now is the time to go for it, because there is nothing that can hold you back. But before you begin the 21 days, here are some simple reminders and guidelines so that you get focused and excited about what is going to happen. Also, know that you have an entire team, a loving community, and a complementary personalized program available to you at SANESolution.com.

3 Reasons Why 21 Day Solution Is The Right Choice To You

As we go through this plan together, all I ask is that you give this your all for 21 days, and let the results speak for themselves. Treat the next 21 days with the same sanctity you would if you just had a major procedure and need 3 weeks to heal. For just 21 days, nothing is more important than your healing…nothing! You have suffered for too long.

I really need you to give yourself permission to take on this recovery mind-set. For the next 21 days, promise me that you will put your physical and emotional health first because…

1. Living your best life isn’t unreasonable.
2. You deserve 100 percent of what life has to offer.
3. You cannot afford to live in fear.

Ready to Begin?

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